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What is OK Full Form ?

Ok Full Form as Ola Kalla. Ok is one of the most common words which we used in our daily lives, but I can bet very few people know the exact meaning of this word. Often people answer something by saying OK.


Whether it is your friend, your boss in the office, or anyone else, this two-letter word is the most we use during any conversation. Whether we agree or disagree with someone. When you have to speak well or agree on something, you are right. Both these letters act as a complete sentence and have become a common colloquial language, but the surprising thing is that most of us do not know what is the full form of OK. This is a short form and almost every part of the world use “OK”, no matters what language they speak. OK is also spelled as “OKAY, O.K, OK word is used to denote agreement, approval, acceptance, or acknowledgment.  When “OK” is used as an intervention it denotes 'compliance or agreement', and when it is used as a noun it conveys the feeling of 'permission'. It is also said that OKAY can be used as a loan word in other languages. It has been accepted that OK is the most frequently spoken or written word on earth. Let's jump into the interesting fact, how this word came into use, how it started, or what is its full form.

It is a Greek word that means “All Correct”. The word 'OK' originated 182 years ago. Its use began in the office of an American journalist, Charles Gordon Green. It was an article on grammar which is posted in 1839 published in the Boston Morning. This 'OK' trend was followed by the use of words such as 'OW' meaning "all right". Then 'OK' was used as an election slogan. The word 'OK' was used by US President Martin Van Buren in the campaign of 1840. He was born in Kinderhook, New York, Van Buren its nickname was Old Kinderhook. His supporters used 'Ok' as the slogan in the campaign and formed 'Ok Clubs' across the country. The word has since spread and remains popular. This is a very common word used in conversation when we agree with another. It is also used in chat. One study has even hailed OK to be one of the most used words on this planet. Which explains the importance of the given word. OK is also used with other words like fine, great, sound good.

The word itself described as OK in computer language is acceptable for many purposes. Error messages in computer systems are shown by the word OK. Also, OK is used and accepted by the computer system through a modal dialog box in the computer, to accept the content that appears on the user screen. Computer-based languages ​​such as Java, C, C++, also known as modal languages, use the word OK as their default button when the user is given only one option on the screen. When used in a computer the word "OK" is written in upper case and never "Okay, O.K or ok". The HTML approach also understands the word fine quite well. The famous HTML approach uses the word OK for any type of successful response. Not only this but an HTML server is also started by the word OK. "Ok" has a well-known gesture that can be made by hand. It facilitates non-verbal communication and acts as a pillar for deaf people's understanding of the word.

Emojis are part of our digital lives. We usually describe our mood to our friends or family with their help. Similarly, we can use emoji for OK instead of typing the word over and over again. Almost every chatting application and messaging platform support OK emoji. After increasing the use of the internet, people started chatting among themselves, it started being used even more and today people use only the K-word instead of OK in chatting. The word Ok has one full form and not 1, but the word Ok has many full forms. The reason is that the word OK is used in different ways so that the word OK does not have a specific meaning.