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Anıtkabir, a mausoleum, is dedicated to the founder and first President of Turkey Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. His life was full of wars for independence and revolutions to raise the Turkish nation. The mausoleum represents his eminence, and thoughts about principles, revolutions, and modernization. The construction was laid in the year 1944 and it also bears features of Seljuk

Mardin is an enchanting city situated in Southeastern Anatolia, Turkey. The city is demonstrating an architectural heritage, cultural wealth, and religious diversity. Mardin was built by Hamdanis in 975-976. The citadel of Mardin with its excellent stonework stands on a hill dominating the city. This is amongst the best cities to visit in Turkey. This highly addictive tourist spot records over 4 million visitors annually. The Ulu Mosque, Forty Martyrs Church, Kasımiye Medresesi, and Zinciriye Medresesi are some of the notable places to visit in Mardin.

and Ottoman architecture and ornamental details.