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What is IMAO Full FORM


IMAO Full form

IMAO - Also known as (In My Arrogant Opinion) commonly used when we are giving up our honest opinion without considering what our thoughts are about. Acronyms are used to make things easier. There are thousands of words that are quite familiar and common to most users. Let us talk about one of the easiest and common formulations which is widely used from time to time.  IMAO is a slang term that replaces IMHO. IMHO means (In My Humble Opinion) which was as requested, although IMAO is a commanding word where it specifically says 'urgent'. IMAO is used by a person when sharing an opinion. The acronym is commonly seen in text messages or on social media where everyone loves to share opinions. Internet slang has taken over the virtual world. You may see many people around you fond of using IMAO in their texts and on social media, but you may not be fully aware of its meaning. However, don't worry as this article may help you. Here it included all the information which you need to know about "IMAO" such as its full form, meaning, origin, and how to use it in relevant examples.

History Of IMAO


The abbreviation "IMAO" was firstly used in May 1989 it Is used durong conversations about the internet jam band The Grateful Dead. One internet user writes, "Okay then let me put some kerosene in the fire. IMAO that's how I would rate". However, while seeing over 30,000 messages and asking users what "IMAO" means, he adds a postscript to the end of his post and says it means: In my arrogant opinion. Through 1989, people began to use "IMAO" to mean "in my arrogant opinion" in the discussions and arguments always in Usenet communities. IMAO spread online in the 1990s and 2000s, becoming more light in tone, but it never progressed like its counterpart, IMHO. This is partly possible because in my arrogant opinion 1) is not a stock phrase in English and 2) is not something that the debater usually likes to accept in an argument. People use IMAO  with irony and force since its inception. By 1993, people used "IMAO" extensively in Usenet groups and in discussions about hot issues.

Is IMAO and LMAO similar?


Social networking websites have spawned peculiar acronyms that, when expanded, turn into meaningful phrases. They are colloquial but are used extensively in daily conversation. One of the commonly used internet slang we have is IMAO. IMAO stands for In My Arrogant Opinion, with a striking resemblance to one of the most popular Internet slangs LMAO. As the detail clearly shows, slang is meant to be used in an unfriendly, rude context. It is considered a polite form of the old cliché IMHO or In My Humble Opinion. Using IMAO – has become widely popular that people have been started using it in their own way. Yet, in modern Internet usage, people are sometimes confused when they use "IMAO". Instead of typing "IMAO," they use "LMAO," which means "Laughing My Ass Off." This misconception stems from the fact that the lowercase l(l) can easily be mistaken for an uppercase I in sans-serif fonts.