HUDCO Full Form

The city divided in to two districts, Mumbai and Mumbai Suburban district and BMC has become Municipal corporation of Greater Mumbai. Local citizens, popularly known as "Mumbaikers". It is possible that one may find medical store at every street corner and also there will be a Vada pav stall. Mumbaikars travel an average of 5 hours, due to rental are expensive. The largest slum in India is in Dharavi, Mumbai. There is a great mechanism of delivering the lunch to right to your office in Mumbai, The populor Dabbawala service that delivers your home food or mess food right at your office desk. Mumbai will make you feel time is money like no other city. Women is safe at nights at most parts of Mumbai compared to other cities of India. Marine Drive is the popular destination to celebrate. Mumbai is the financial city of India, and other financial cities of the world are New York City, Paris, London and Milan.