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Full Form of RSS

The full form of RSS is “Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh“. RSS is an Indian right-wing, Hindu nationalist, charitable, educational, Non-Governmental and paramilitary volunteer organisation. It is world largest voluntary non-governmental organization. The RSS is the progenitor and leader of a large body of organisations called the Sangh Parivar (the “family of the RSS”), which have presence in all facets of the Indian society. Its main motive was to establish a social organization which provides character training through Hindu discipline and to unite the Hindu community.

RSS was formed on 27 September 1925 by Keshav Baliram Hedgewar and its ideology is based on the principle of selfless service to India. As of 2014, it has a membership of 5–6 million. Its headquarter is located in Nagpur, Maharashtra. It was banned during the British rule and three times after independence by Indian government. It was banned first time in 1948 when a former RSS member Nathu Ram Godse killed Mahatma Gandhi, second time during the emergency (1975-77) and third time after the demolition of Babri Masjid in 1992.