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Full Form of NDA

NDA is known as National Defense Academy, it is a Indian Armed Forces joint service academy . Here all the three armies of India, Army, Navy and Air Force get training together. After this basic and compulsory training, they go to their respective service academies for pre-commissioning training. The National Defense Academy is located at Khadakwasla, close to Pune, Maharashtra. NDA is the world's first tri-administrative institution. The NDA has produced a ton of officers who have driven and fought in every important battle that inspired the Indian Armed Forces. It has given 27 Help Bosses so far including 3 Param Vir Chakra and 9 Ashok Chakra beneficiaries.

NDA conducts this test for the sole purpose of testing an applicant on his eligibility to join a military body; Army, Navy or Air Force. Due to the benefits of being a soldier, after admission in NDA there is a huge rush of students seeking a seat to write the NDA exam. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts NDA exam twice a year, once in April and September.

The History of NDA

At the end of World War II, Marshal Claude Auchinleck, the former Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army, led a worldwide committee and submitted a report to the Indian government in December 1946. He recommended the establishment of a Joint Services Military Academy. Its  training model is based on the United States Military Academy at West Point. Later in 1941, the former Viceroy of India Mr Lord Linlithgow had received 100,000 Euros from the Sudanese government to build a war memorial in recognition of the sacrifices of Indian soldiers in the liberation of Sudan in the East African Campaign during the II world war. In 1947, there is one committee started with the main action plan to start a permanent defense academy and it searched for a suitable site to build the academy. The Indian Army decided to use these funds to cover the cost of building the NDA. followed by an inaugural ceremony on 16 January 1955.

On August 18, the Supreme Court has passed an interim order allowing women to appear in the UPSC National Defense Academy and Naval Academy (NDA and NA) exams. The Supreme court has given direction to the concerned authority to make necessary arrangements to allow women to appear in the UPSC NDA (Second) Examination 2021 which will be held on November 14.

Eligibility Criteria

Below are the eligibility criteria which you have to full-fill.

Physical Criteria

For the for admission to National Defense Academy (NDA) and Naval Academy (NA) Examination (I) and (II) Candidates must be physically and mentally fit. Every year, so many candidates fail in qualifying the medical test. Hence, candidates are advised to take medical test before applying for the exam.

Also candidates are advised to correct some minor defects/diseases like wax (ear), deviated nasal septum, hydrocele/ phimosis, overweight/underweight, undersized chest, piles, tonsillitis and varicocele.

Height and Weight

For the application minimum, acceptable height is 157 cms (162.5 cms for Air Force). for Gorkhas and persons belonging to the hills of North-Eastern regions of India, Garhwal and Kumaon there is a relaxation of 5 cm in the minimum height. Also there is 2cm reduction for the candidates belonging to Lakshadweep.

Age limit for NDA

For NDA age limit should be 16.5 years and 19.5 years. Also any candidate selected after passing the examination will have to undertake not to marry for the period of training. Failure to comply with this condition will result in removal of the candidate from NDA. In addition, it is required to refund any charges made on it by the government.