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RPS Full Form

Who is RPS?

The Radiation Protection Supervisor is appointed by the employer to oversee the work and make sure local rules are followed. The RPS might also play a key role in meeting the conditions imposed by the environmental agencies via environmental permits and certificates of registration and authorization. The RPS should be in a position to supervise the work.

Radio Protection Supervisor Job Description

  • To ensure that all workers within a particular group observe the local rules, scheme of work, and regulations.
  • To ensure that the suitable and appropriate training is provided for all radiation workers under his supervision.
  • To report to the College Radiation Protection Office (RPO), to whom the RPS is directly responsible, any changes in the nature of the work carried out by his group and any incidents by involving ionizing radiations.
  • To keep records of the acquisition of radioactive substances and their use and disposal by a particular group. These records must be made available to the SRPO in a form laid down by him.
  • To inform the SRPO of new workers and to help in their training, to inform the SRPO of the cessation of radiation work by existing workers.
  • To monitor regularly, where appropriate and as laid down in the Local Rules, for radioactive contamination and leakage from equipment generating ionizing radiations. To keep records of such monitoring.
  • To keep a record of the location of sealed and unsealed sources and to check the inventory regularly at a frequency laid down in the Local Rules. The records must be made available to the SPRO and be in a format laid.
  • To bring to the attention of the SPRO any other matters of which he should be aware.

Importance of Radiation Protection for Society

Radiation protection aims to reduce unnecessary radiation exposure with the goal to minimize the harmful effects of ionizing radiation. In the medical field, ionizing radiation has become an
inescapable tool used to diagnose and treat various medical conduits.