Full Form Of PHD | PHD Full Name Meaning in English | Long Form of PHD Degree

Full Form Of PHD

PHD is known for Doctor of Philosophy, PHS has no fix tenure. PHD is research based doctoral program that provides a core specialization in a certain domain. a Ph.D. Ph.D. Can be obtained in most academic fields and provides specialized education in a subject, followed by postdoctoral on-the-job training. A qualified authority person supervise the research, It is the degree awarded research, It demonstrates individual ability which conduct independent research. PHD is a research degree where you can research about anything. A research student can do research on many forms whether it is scientific, sociological, archaeological, medical or historical and research also is directed by their PhD supervisor. PHD candidate have very important relationship with the supervisor during his/her PHD, Supervisor guide the PHD student’s thesis. The main objective of PHD program is to keep pace with the growth, it provide research training in various field like social and economic. The main concept of the research work is creativity and productive inquiry. PHD degree is board based degree, it is recognised as the high academic achievements. PHD includes specified course work and credit requirements for various programs, publications and a research thesis. The thesis shall be a report of research work that is characterized by the discovery of new facts or a new interpretation of known facts and theory, or an independent design and development, or the development of a new tool/technology.


Candidate who want to pursue PHD have to fulfil the eligibility criteria for the PHD. They must have master degree for the PHD program. There are some institute that apply entrance test for the student. For the some courses completion of M.phil is required. Some universities conduct their own entrance exam and ask for minimum qualifying marks to give admission.


Often the fees for Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) courses vary from college to college. Some universities charge more from the students and some charge less as per the norms of the government. However, the candidates have to follow the fee rules of the college during the counseling. On average Ph.D. Course fees range from Rs. 4000 to Rs. 14,00,000 mostly it is based on the selected college you are and your specialization. Also, universities provide direct seats for the candidates keeping different fee structure which ranges from Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000 per year.


For PHD admission candidate have to fulfil the eligibility criteria which is followed by the university. Also student have to secured the minimum marks in Master degree or their equivalent. candidates will be admitted on the basis of performance in the college-specific entrance test and personal interview. some colleges also offer the seats for students on their percentage in the postgraduate degree.

Career Opportunities

In today’s world there are immense career option for the PHD holder student. After completing PHD degree student have to track their potential and apply for jobs based on their specialization/interest. PHD degree student have the many opportunities line become lecturer/professor, human service worker, novelist/writer, journalist/editor/critic, philosophical journalist, researcher, scientist, freelance consultant. If you know about your interest, then you will definitely get a good job, whether it is financial sector or public sector. In the general, most of the Ph.D. Holders become university professors, industrial R&D laboratory professionals and start-up mentors. PHD holder average salary is 4-5 LPA.