CHS Full Form

CHS Full Form
CHS refers to “Cylinder Head Sector” or Full Form of CHS is “Cylinder Head Sector” in Information Technology.
What is CHS(Cylinder Head Sector)
CHS (Cylinder Head Sector) are parts of HDD (Hard Disk Drive) for storing large amounts of data in our system, shown in the image below.
Presentation for UNIX System Administration
       Diagram 1.1 CHS (Cylinder Head Sector)
Cylinder- A Cylinder is a set of tracks that lie at the same distance from the spindle on all sides of the platters. For example, track three on every side of every platter is located at the same distance from the spindle. If you imagine these tracks vertically connected, the set forms the shape of a cylinder. 
A device called head reads and writes data in har by manipulating hte magnetic that the  sur face of an associated disk platter.
Sectors- Tracks are divided into smaller areas or sectors, which are used to store a fixed amount of data. Sectors are usually formatted to contain 512 bytes of data (there are 8 bits a byte).