goat full form

GOAT is acronym which means “The Greatest of All Time” which means “The Best in History”. This is a tag that is reserved for a person who is considered the undisputed master of their sport. A goat in English is “goat”, and there is also an abbreviation GOAT, which stands for Greatest of All Time (Greatest of all time / in history). Messi is football GOAT, Roger Federer is tennis, Usain Bolt is GOAT in athletics and so on. Muhammad Ali called himself the greatest, and his wife documented this In 1964, Cassius Clay and Sonny Liston fought for the title of absolute world boxing champion. Ring magazine named the fight both the best fight and disappointment of the decade. Clay won between rounds – during the break, Liston talked about a shoulder injury and refused to continue. A year later, they held a revenge, where Clay almost immediately knocked out Liston.