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cds full form



The CDS Full Form is Combined Defence Services. Experts need to pass out the Combined
Defence Services exam in order to hold the post. The UPSC conducts the Combined Defence Services exam to induct the aspirants within multiple defence training academics.
The people with the desire to serve the nation through defence acts have to pass the CDS exam as the first or initial step towards this plan. It is their motive to serve the nation that acts our as a crucial motivational force to study and then crack the highly aspired CDS exam.

What about the candidates:
Understanding what the actual meaning of Combined Defence Services is holds a major importance. Once you are sure of the CDS Full Form it is time to check out the information mentioned below in English.

  • The candidates who can qualify for the CDS Full form selection process have to go through series of trainings that can last for months to come.
  • During this training process, they will be given a stipend of 56,100 rupees every month, as per the base level salary in level 10.
  • It will include training for all officers from Navy, Army, Air force and all the equivalent posts.

The salary package:
The salary package of Combined Defence Services in India will include the basic pay and the allowances like High Altitude Allowance, DA, Uniform Allowance and so much more.

  • It is mandatory for the candidates to be well-aware of the salary package and all the kinds of trainings they have to undertake before making the next choice.
  • The aspirants should also know more about the promotions, leading towards their career growth from entry rank to the apex rank.

The training period:
Once you are aware of CDS Full Form, it is time to focus on its training period. The training period of all the selected candidates will depend on each academy where they get admitted. Based on the training period the candidates can opt for training, lasting for 18 months, 49 months or even more. Depending on the result, their stipend will get determined.