DFD Full Form

DFD Full Form
DFD refers to “Data Flow Diagram” or the full form of DFD is “Data Flow Diagram” in Information technology.
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What is Data Flow Diagram
Data Flow Diagrams are also used to model Information systems. They provide function greater detail than context Diagram as they display each process involves within the information system as an individual circle, meaning the end result will contain multiple circle/processes. A DFD also a shape for a data stores to represent where data is sent and retrieved from, such as a specific database are represented as a three sided rectangle shapes.
Data Flow Diagram (DFD) - Software Ideas Modeler 
                   Figure 1.1 Data Flow Diagram 
  • A Data Flow Diagram (DFD) is a graphical tool that allows system analysts (and system users) to depict the flow of data in an information system.
  • The DFD is one of the methods that system analysts use to collect information necessary to determine information system requirements.
  •  A Data Flow Diagram is intended to serve as a communication tool among.
- System Analysts
- end users 
- database designers 
- system programmers 
- other members of the project team