HBU Full Form | HBU Ka Long Form | Meaning of HBU in English

HBU Full Form

HBU stand for the How About You. Most of the person use HBU for the follow up, when someone asked how they are doing. HBU is used in common conversation, while using any information about yourself. For example If someone will ask you how you are doing, you can reply I am ok, HBU? This is commonly used in text messaging, HBU can be express in lower and upper case letters, most of the time people use HBU in lowercase. HBU is also used while chatting with the large group of people. A plural noun is typically added when addressing more than one person, such as "HBU friends" or "HBU everyone." HBU can also be used to learn more about another person you just met or you want to meet them. For example, in an online dating app, someone might ask you if you enjoy a particular activity. After stating your opinion, you can use "HBU" to ask how the other person feels about it. You can also use it when asking a group of people to share their opinion on something. For example, if you and a friend are sharing your thoughts on a recent meal, you might say, "I think it was very well prepared. HBU?"

HBU Origin

HBU is one of the popular acronyms, it is used in online chatrooms or in message boards. These early chat platforms were mostly anonymous, so you often ended up talking to strangers. However, initialism gained more widespread popularity when texting and instant messaging became a primary through the communication. As people began to spend more of the time online chatting with people they knew in person, it became more common to ask how someone was doing through the text.

Small talk in internet

Now days even in the text chat, small talk is still quite prevalent. HBU is one of a group of words and initials that are often used to keep a conversation going.

Below is the typical conversation which is involving HBU

A: Hello, How are feeling right now?

B: Well I am good. HBU?                                     

A: I m good to, just need more sleep tonight.

In the above conversation, HBU is used to throw a question back at Person A. While the acronym is not responsible for starting a conversation, it does initiate a back-and-forth conversation.