fmcg full form

FMCG full form
FMCG refers to “Fast-Moving Consumer Goods” or full form of FMCG is “Fast-Moving Consumer Goods”.
FMCG Full Form | Meaning of FMCG
What is SMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods)
  • Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (SMCG) are those consumables that have a quick turnover, and relatively low cost.
  • SMCG industry, alternatively called as CPG (Consumer packaged goods).
  • SMCG is characterized by the strong presence of MNC and well established distribution network.
  • The intense competition between the organized and unorganized segments operating at low operational cost.
The Indian FMCG Sector can be segmented into three key groups:


HouseHold Care


Personal Care


Food and Beverages


Fabric Wash 


Oral Care 


Health Beverages 


Household Cleaners 


Hair Care 


Soft Drinks


Air Fresheners 


Skin Care 




Insecticides & Mosquito


Personal Wash (Soaps)


Bakery Products






Snack Food


Metal Polish




Chocolates, Ice cream


Furniture Polish


Deodorants& Perfumes


Tea, Coffee


Feminine hygiene


Dairy Products


Paper Products


Bottled water 


Processed Fruits & 



Branded Flour etc

Hopping Nature
  • Consumer Loyalty
Customer Loyalty Meaning & Process | MBA Skool
  • The Major issue with this sector is that 80% of the customers are Fence Sitter. Hopping from product to another is too high, due to the large pool of products.