EBS Full Form

EBS Full Form
EBS refers to “Electronic Braking System” or the full form of EBS is “Electronic Braking System”. It is an electronically controlled braking system for heavy vehicles, for example trucks and buses.
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What is Antilock Braking System (ABS)
An antilock braking system (ABS) is an electronically managed brake system that monitors and controls wheel speed during braking. An ABS is designed to work with standard air brake systems. It is a requirement of ABS that it has full system redundancy to a Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 121 (FMVSS 121) pneumatic control circuit in the event of an electronic failure.
What is electronic braking system (EBS)
A fully electronic braking system (EBS) is a computerized air brake system in which the control circuit is managed electronically and in which the brake pedal is simply an input to the EBS control module. Although full EBS is used in Europe, when it is used in North America it must be in conjunction with an FMVSS 121-compliant pneumatic control system. This makes it an expensive option, so it is not regularly used.