BEE Full Form

BEE Stand for the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. The Indian government established the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) on 1 March 2002 under the provisions of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001. Department of Energy Efficiency mission is to aid the improvement of approaches and procedures with an emphasis on self-guideline and market standards inside the general system of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001, basically pointed toward decreasing energy power in the Indian economy. BEE mission was possibly can be accomplished when dynamic interest of the relative multitude of partners is guaranteed and accordingly, energy proficiency is taken on increasingly more in all areas. The BEE attempts to perceive, distinguish and involve existing assets and framework in a joint effort with assigned shoppers, assigned offices and different associations to fill the roles allocated to it under the Energy Conservation Act. The Energy Conservation Act accommodates administrative and special activities.

Major Promotional Functions of BEE

  • To create and disseminate awareness on energy efficiency and conservation.
  • To organize and organize the personnel and experts of techniques for efficient use of energy and its conservation.
  • Fortifying of consultancy administrations in the field of energy preservation advancement of innovative work.
  • Develop testing and certification methodologies and augmentation of testing facilities.
  • Formulation and facilitation of implementation of pilot projects and demonstration projects.
  • BEE promotes the utilization of energy productive cycles, gear, gadgets and frameworks.
  • To take steps to encourage preferential treatment for the use of energy efficient equipment or equipment.
  • Promotion of innovative funding of energy efficient projects.