ddc full form

The Full Form of DDC is District Development Council. But many councils have been formed for development works in India, out of which there is a District Development Board (DDB) in most of the states of India, but in some union territories like Jammu and Kashmir, District Development Council (DDC) is formed and this is the same. Review the development works in the state. Under the Jammu and Kashmir Panchayati State Act 1989, DDC will be formed in the Union Territory, which cannot include Municipality and Nagar Panchayat. The tenure of DDC is 5 years. In which the chairman of all the block development situations and the elected assembly members from the district vote in it, the district development commissioner is the chief executive officer of the district development council.

What are the functions of DDC?

The main task of ddc is to pay attention to the development works in that district, in which health, finance, development, public development, and education are the main task of progressing on development by coordinating with the committees of these 5 works so that in that union territory. There should be no delay or delay in any development work, so that all these 5 committees in that state continue to get support.

What is the salary of DDC?

As we have told that the main task of DDC is to give emphasis to the speed of development works of their area, but what is their salary, you will not know because after the removal of Article 370, now the central government has gone to fix these salaries. That is, now according to official sources, orders have been issued to give an honorarium of 35 thousand rupees to the chairman and 25 thousand and 15 thousand honorarium to the vice-president and member Because when Article 370 was imposed in Jammu and Kashmir, there was no election of DDC, but now after removal, they will get salary.