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RPL Full Form

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a platform for recognition of non-formal learning or learning through work to achieve equal acceptance as formal levels of education. The aim is to appreciate prior learning, regardless of the means of achieving it. In short, RPL is a process of assessing an individual's prior learning to give due importance to learning as an outcome rather than learning as a process. To ensure that the candidates being assessed under the RPL are also oriented to the standardized NSQF levels, the QP-NOS that will be followed under the RPL will be the same as that followed under the new training. In addition, to ensure acceptance of RPL in the Indian market, various pilots have been conducted by various Sector Skill Councils and NSDA and the lessons have been incorporated while formulating guidelines for RPL in PMKVY. Under PMKVY, RPL is given special attention by recognizing the prior competencies of the assessed candidates and awarding a certificate and monetary award on successful completion of evaluation. The average monetary reward under RPL will be around Rs 2,200 per candidate. The following allocations have been made under RPL in Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY). It is mandatory that the following reward amount be left for the trainee. This will encourage the trainee to participate in the process of RPL.


It aims to link the competencies of the country's unregulated workforce with the standardized National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF).

To increase the employment opportunities of an individual as well as to provide alternative avenues for higher education.

To provide opportunities to reduce inequalities on the basis of privileging some forms of knowledge over others.

Eligibility Criteria

PIA can be any legal entity like SSC, Industry Association, Training Partner, Government Body, NGO and Corporate, except assessment agency.

RPL is applicable to any candidate of Indian nationality who, on the date of enrollment, fulfills the minimum age criteria as per the Qualification Pack (QP) requirements, who has an Aadhaar card [Verifiable alternate ID, such as PAN or Voter ID May apply to some states of Jammu and/Kashmir (Jammu & Kashmir) and North-Eastern region] and a bank account, and fits the pre-screening criteria defined by SSC for the respective job role