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MTS Ka Full Form

Full Form Of MTS(Mobile Telephone Service)
About MTS- The Mobile Telephone Service (MTS) was a pre-cellular VHF radio
system that linked to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). MTS was
the radio telephone equivalent of land dial phone service. The mobile telephone
service was one of the earliest mobile telephone standards.
Who started the MTS Service in India? –
The company provides wireless voice, broadband internet, messaging, and data
services, MTS India was founded by Dmitry Shukov in December 2008 and is
based in New Delhi.
How does Mobile Telephony work?-
Each cell is operated by a cell tower on which a wireless transceiver base station is
mounted. The base station is maintains a wireless connection to all active phones
in its cell. When the user and phone move to another cell, the base stations
perform an exchange called a handover.
Improved Mobile Telephone Service (IMTS)-
The Improved Mobile Telephone Service was a pre-cellular VHF/UHF radio system
which linked to the PSTN. IMTS was the radiotelephone equivalent of land dial
phone service, it replaced MTS (mobile telephone service) and improved in most
MTS systems by offering direct-dial rather than connections through a live
Features of IMTS and MTS-
 IMTS was a radio system for mobile telephones that was an improvement
over the previous Mobile Telephone System (MTS).
 MTS supported half duplex communication. So, the communicating parties
could not communicate simultaneously. IMTS supported full duplex
communication, thus allowing both the user to talk and hear

 IMTS required a high power transmitter to be installed, preferably on the
top of a hill the transmitter had two frequencies, one for sending and the
other for receiving signals.
 IMTS systems were installed wide part. The high power requirements in
transmitters had the request of introducing interference in adjacent units.
To avoid this, the units were installed far apart from each other.
 It supported only 23 channels. So, users had to wait