cho full form

CHO full form
CHO refers to “Community Health Officer” or Full Form of CHO is “Community Health Officer”.
What is CHO(Community Health Officer)
Developing countries like India have a double burden of disease and community level health care services are very poor. To get over with health issues the country requires health care professionals and healthcare facilities for providing required healthcare support. Global shortage of healthcare professionals is directly related to the health status of the country. Thus, every country requires a good set of healthcare facilities and expertise at community level for universal health coverage.  In India, the government is working towards easy access to healthcare services for all. The community health officer is a new step by the Indian government which comes under mid-level healthcare providers. As per the new NMC bill they are called community health providers.  An ideal health workforce  is  multi-layered and  multi-skilled,  with  complementary  roles delivering  competent,  comprehensive,  continuous  and compassionate  care.  Doctors and nurses are most identifiable, but a variety of allied health professionals and nurses are most identifiable, but a variety of allied health professionals and community health workers are also integral. India needs mid-level healthcare providers in several forms - nurse practitioners, physician assistants and community health providers to fill the vast gaps of easy access and quality in health services. They are especially required for primary care. Over 100 years mid-level health providers are working effectively in many countries with their pivotal role for achieving optimum health.  The rates of mortality and morbidity have also improved after task shifting as a change agent at community level. Community health officers and frontline public health workers play a role to bridge the gap between community people and health care facilities. The services provided by them improve the quality of life in the community and also empowers the community health care settings. They can also be the members of various societies and agencies for community health approach. The primary objective of health care is a preventive approach to any epidemic and it can only be achieved when the entire community is empowered. The empowerment of people from different communities around the globe is a need and due to shortage of healthcare professionals there is a workforce barrier to overcome. The CHO will identify the needs of the community and expand the healthcare facility by providing knowledge and support by organizing different programs.