Full Form Of DS

erm Definition Category
DS Destroyed FBI File
DS Domination and Submission Police
DS dressing station Government
DS Downs Syndrome Other
DS Digital Service Radio Science
DS Data Storage Space Science
DS Dear Son Internet Slang
DS Destination To Source Networking
DS Double Shot Military
DS Delivery Service Business
DS Direct Sales Business
DS Dispensaire de Schefferville Medical
DS disconnect switch Government
DS Directory System Computing
DS Data Service Telecom
DS directed search Government
DS data standard Government
DS Distributed Systems Computer Networking
DS Dalit Solidarity Organization
DS Define Storage Computer Assembly Language
DS deficiency system Government
DS Destination Specialist Messaging
DS Dungeon Siege Sports
DS Digital System Electronics
DS Double Screen Computer Assembly Language
DS Directorate for Information Systems and Services (dia) Military and Defence
DS Dog Soldiers Other
DS Directory Service Computing
DS Duh Statement Funny
DS Double-sided Electronics
DS Dropside Military and Defence
DS decimal subtract Government
DS Data System Military
DS Double Standard Other
DS Digital Signal Electronics
DS Decision Support Display System Government
DS Discontinuity Sample Chemistry
DS Data Source Computer Database
DS Dream Street Internet Slang
DS Dedicated Server Computer Networking
DS Demon Stone Science Fiction
DS Dual Screen Computer Technology
DS Dollars and Sense Organization
DS Development Solutions Organization
DS Differentiated Services Computer Networking
DS Dark Stalkers Science Fiction
DS Deep Space NASA
DS Decision Support Business
DS Data Set NASA
DS Dual Shock Transportation
DS data send Government
DS defense suppression, Government
DS Decision Sciences Other
DS Dialyseafdeling Sticht. Medical
DS Dominance and Submission Internet Slang
DS defensive specialist Other
DS Digital Spy Computer Software
DS Deep Spaghetti Funny
DS Detective Superintendent Police
DS Dancing in the Streets Organization
DS Detective Sergeant Police
DS Double Sampling Electronics
DS data segment Government
DS Double Sided Computing
DS Developer System Softwares
DS Dark Side Science Fiction
DS Deep Space Surveillance System Government
DS Delta Station Military and Defence
DS day spa Sports
DS Data Structure Computing
DS Double Scalar Maths
DS disk storage Government
DS disclosure statement Government
DS drum storage Government
DS Drop Shot Other
DS Down's Syndrome Physiology
DS Delayed Substitutions Sports
DS directionally solidified Government
DS Dollar Sign Coin
DS Dune Sport Sports
DS DASNA Indian Railway Station
DS Distributed Software Military
DS Double Standards Other
DS data server Government
DS Doctrine Sponsor Military and Defence
DS descent stage Government
DS Directory Services Computer Networking
DS dietary supplement Medical
DS Defense Support Military
DS Davids Systems Organization
DS directing staff Government
DS Duodenal Switch Hospital
DS Deafblind Scotland Organization
DS Double Stranded Human Genome
DS Direct Support Military
DS Direct Support Unit Standard Supply System Government
DS Death Scythe Other
DS Difference Stationary Banking
DS data scanning Government
DS display system, 25 Government
DS disseminated sclerosis Medical
Ds Stokes Diameter Physics Related
DS Democracia Socialista Spanish
DS darmstadtium Chemistry
DS Dark Shadows Media
DS database specification Government