FRC Full Form

FRC Full Form
CAIT refers to “Flexible Ribbon Cable” or the full form of FRC is “Flexible Ribbon Cable” in Electronics.
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Parts of Flexible Multicore Cable
  • Conductor Multi-Stranded Copper Conductor is
    responsible for its flexibility.
  • Insulator   PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), XLPE
    (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) to protect the
    conductors and cable.
  • Sheath PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) for
    external protection such as oil, weather, water
    and more.
Types Sizes
  • Types
  • 1100 V PVC insulated and Sheathed as per IS
    694 / BS
  • Sizes Two, Three or Four Core up to 24 cores.
There are some apllications of Flexible Ribbon Cable :
  • As the name indicates, flexible multicore cable
    comes with higher flexibility. It is due to the
    number of strands in the conductors.
  • It makes these cables for wiring of machine
    tools, control panels, various electrical
    installations in small machines and any type of
    electrical industry.
  • Flexible multicore cables are cables designed to
    work inside cable carriers against physical
    stress and tight bending area which is directly
    associated with application in a moving state.