TFR Full Form

TFR full form is Total Fertility Rate. The total fertility rate is the average of the number of children born by a woman in a country in her lifetime. The higher the population of a country, the more the total fertility rate in that country also increases. Since the year 2016, now the rate of total fertility rate in the country has declined. Earlier this figure was 2.2 which has now come down to 2. That is, now a large population in the country is using modern methods of family planning and contraception. Let us tell you that the Total Fertility Rate (TFR) is also known as the replacement rate and it is considered responsible for population growth. According to the current data, the population of the country has stabilized due to the declining fertility rate. The differences observed between different age groups can sometimes be very important in influencing the meaning of the indicators. That's why demographers also calculate age-specific rates. Another way of saying this is that 'Gross Fertility Rate' is equal to the average number of children produced by a particular group of women during their period of reproductive age (the period of reproductive age is estimated to be found over a given period of time). based on age-specific rates).

Important factors for declining fertility rate

According to the survey conducted by the Union Health Ministry, public awareness and use of modern methods of contraception are the main reasons behind the decline in fertility rate in the country. The total fertility rate does not automatically decrease in any country. For this, there is a need for awareness among the people and adoption of better family planning measures. Due to the measures being taken for population control, awareness among the people has increased. Along with this, statistics show that the use of modern methods of contraception, family planning and women's empowerment has led to a decrease in the TFR i.e. fertility rate. The direct indication of reduction in fertility rate is that it can help in controlling the population of the country.