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ORS Full Form

The Full form of ORS is Oral Rehydration Solution. ORS is a glucose-based salt solution used to prevent and treat dehydration, especially in case of people who have diarrhoea. ORS consists of a salt-and-sugar-based solution taken orally to treat dehydration from diarrhoea. It helps to re-hydrate the human body with essential electrolytes, especially sodium and potassium.

Advantages of ORS

helps fight diarrhea
Studies have proven that taking Ors can help prevent and treat dehydration, thereby reducing other complications that are commonly seen in people suffering from diarrhea. In diarrhoea, there is a loss of salts and fluids in the body which can be restored with the help of ors drink. The ors drink also contains sugar which helps the intestines to absorb these salts and electrolytes quickly and efficiently.

Helps in reducing fatigue and weakness
The main reason for fatigue and weakness is the lack of fluids in the body. This damage makes you feel dizzy and can even make you sleepy at times. By drinking ors you can easily reduce fatigue and weakness as its primary role is to replenish fluids in the body which makes you feel active and energetic.

beneficial for athletes
Rehydration is an important aspect in every athlete's life. They sweat a lot while working out on the field or in training or gym. Taking rehydration supplements can help an athlete feel energized and help improve performance that might otherwise worsen due to loss of energy due to loss of electrolytes. It also protects the athlete from injury.

ORS is the simplest and easiest hydrating solution that can be prepared instantly and works instantly against weakness, fatigue and dehydration.

preparing ORS
Commercially available oral rehydration salts should be used. Homemade versions of ORS are not recommended for treating dehydration. These should only be used to help prevent or delay the onset of dehydration on the way to treatment, or when commercial oral rehydration salts are not available. Ors is prepared by mixing commercially available oral rehydration salts with water. The instructions for preparing the ORS dosage should be followed carefully. Always use boiled or treated water for making ors. Packets of oral rehydration salts are available at pharmacies in most countries.