gui full form

GUI full form
GUI stands for Graphical User Interface” or full form of RO is Graphical User Interfacein Technology.
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Definition of GUI
Graphical User Interfaces(GUI), A Quick Outlook. Interface. Many methods to create and “interface” with the user 2 most common interface methods: Console GUI. 
  • Many Methods to create and “interface” with the user 
  • Two most common Interfaces – i. Console ii. GUI
Interface Alternatives: Console
  • Command line interface
  • Easier to use for certain operations/scenarios
  • You enter input using either given as parameters during the startup or by some menus/options inside the application
  • Easier to use 
  • Supply input with keyboard and deliver with mouse 
  • Less text to explain what to do on screen 
From a Programming point of view GUI is based on two techniques 
  • Object Oriented Programming- For organizing program parts with common actions 
Events- For connecting an event (like a mouse click) with a program action.