hsc full form

The full form of HSC is "Higher Secondary Certificate". It is also known as HSSC, and it means "Higher Secondary School Certificate" in Hindi. As the name given above suggests, it is a certificate. It is a public examination that takes place in Intermediate Colleges in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. It is a public examination conducted mainly by the students of the states of Gujarat, Kerala, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Goa. Just as 10th class is known as SSC, similarly class 12th is known as HSC. In HSC, you can complete any one of the three streams. And they are arts, science, commerce. You can read by choosing the stream according to your favorite interest. The formation of the HSC structure in India can be recognized by the 1953 report of the Secondary Education Commission. After observing the curriculum and teaching methods, less interaction between teachers and students, undue importance to English language learning, indiscipline, etc. Commision also sugessest to change secondry education system for inroducing diversitiy in education system. The commission earmarked five years for primary education, then three years for lower-secondary education, followed by four years for higher secondary and then three years for the first degree course. into higher secondary multipurpose schools and in the first plan, 250 multipurpose schools were established.

Topics in HSC Exam: After completing matriculation, students are included in the Higher Secondary Examination, the Higher Secondary School Certificate is divided into two categories – Science Program Non-Science Program

History of HSC: Since the year 1989, all the states of India have switched to 12 year (standard) primary/secondary cycle. After two years of senior secondary school, students are re-examined by their school's affiliated board and, if successful, are awarded Higher Secondary (School) Certificate (HSC/HSSC). 47 state board and 3 national boards provide HSC exams. Also for class XI examination are also held Students who pass HSC are eligible for university admission, although some select colleges or universities require separate entrance examinations. A score of at least 80% in HSC from state boards of education may meet admission requirements, provided an appropriate standard of English has been achieved.