CNC full form

Full Form of CNC

The full form of CNC is Computerized Numerical Control. It is a machine that is controlled by a computer and is also capable of doing continuous work. It just has to be programmed once then it works non stop. It is a control system with digital electronic computers used to control machines. It controls, automates and monitors machine movements. This can be a milling machine, router, welder, grinder, laser cutter, etc. These machines are automatic and replace the old manual machines which always require an operator to operate. The CNC uses numbers as the coordinates of the graph to control the movement of the cutter. In this way the computer controls the cutting and shaping of the material. These machines are very useful, accurate and smart because they are controlled by computer. The chances of errors are negligible as these machines are not operated manually. The cost of CNC Machine is very high, it is a very expensive machine. CNC machine starts from around 2 lakhs and goes up to 30 lakhs.

CNC Machine Process

Friends, the working method of CNC Machine is a little different. But running this machine is not very difficult. Friends, but to run it, you must know about its programming. If we want to manufacture anything in CNC Machine, then for this we are given a Custom Computer Program. This program is called a microcomputer connected to the machine called Machine Control Unit (MCU). Using this, it is written in a standard language named Store and Execute G-Code. you will get to see tools like Router, Mills, Grinders, Lathes and Laser in CNC Machine. Their operation can be automated with a CNC machine. Non-Machine Tools in which - Filament-Vailding, Vailing Electronics Assembly Machined are also controlled with the help of CNC Machine.

Types of CNC Machine

There are different types of CNC Machine and each machine has its own different job like –

T.M. (Turno Mile)

V.M.C. (Vertical Machining Center)

V.T.L. (Vertical Machining Lathe)

H.L.C. (Horizontal Machining Center)

Axis Offset of CNC Machine

CNC Controlled Machines generally come with multiple axes of movement and the movement can be Rotary, Linear or both. Cutout machines such as lasers typically come with two axes, X and Y. Milling machines typically come with at least three axes, X, Y and Z. Some Milling Machines Have Five Axes, Three Linear Axes And Two Rotary Axes That Allow The Cutter To Move In A 180º Hemisphere. A Robot Arm can have more than five Axes.

Advantages of CNC Machines

There are many advantages of CNC machines such as -


  • This leads to better productivity due to speed and performance.
  • This increases the efficiency of work by multiple layers.
  • With this the company gets the expected production up to 99.99%.
  • This leads to lower operating cost as compared to manual labourers.
  • This does not require constant monitoring of the operator. Hence the overall performance of the work becomes better.