LIU Full Form

LIU Full Form
LIU refers to “Local Intelligence Units” or Full Form of LIU is “Local Intelligence Units”.
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What is LIU (Light Interface Unit)

In LIU (Light Interface Unit), optical fiber interconnecting unit is modular and suitable for optical cable installation.

Optical Fiber - An Optical fiber is a flexible, transparent fiber made by drawing glass (silica) or plastic to a diameter slightly thicker that of a human hair.

The Information carried by the light wave should need a guiding medium through which it can be transmitted safety. The guiding medium is as optical fiber.

Optical Fiber cable- The light which enters from one end of the fiber strikes on the interface of core and cladding at greater angle of incidence and it passes along the length of the fiber.


  • Fibers can be used under communication
  • Fibers are used in military applications such as aircraft, ships, tanks etc.
  • Fibers are used in public utility organization like railways, TV transmission etc.
  • Fibers are used in LAN systems of offices, industrial, plants and colleges etc.
  • Fibers are used in telecommunication such as voice telephones, video phones telegraph services, message services and data network.