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TC Full Form

The Full form of TC is Transfer Certificate. TC is a document signed by the head of a school or institution signifying that the student has fulfilled the education requirements of their locality. Transfer certificate and leaving certificate literally means the same. It is issued by the school on the completion of a course that is usually after 10th and 12th boards. Even if a student is leaving the school in any standard (say 9th grade), then also he need a TC provided by that school.

The purpose behind TC is to ‘release’ a student from one school so that he can join another school. Migration certificate is generally issued by the college or university after finishing university exam. Migration certificate is used when a student changes his board or university; whereas a TC (Transfer certificate) is issued when a student is pass out. Therefore, a student must have it with him when he is going to collect his final certificates. Schools can admit students until Grade 8 without TC but for admissions from Grade 9 and above TC is compulsory. Transfer Certificate is a document which is prepared by the in-charge of the institution i.e. a student on his/her request. If the student decides to leave the institute, college or school then the transfer certificate is prepared by the concerned authorities. The transfer certificate contains the personal details of the student listed in it and specifies the date of birth of the student as per the records of the said college, when and in which program the student studied in the institution, whether passed or failed, and further, certifying that the student has paid all his dues to the Institute and is not a defaulter. It also states mother's name and father's name and family occupation as per its records.

A transfer certificate is a document issued to a student by the responsible authorities of the organization on his/her request. When the student has to leave the institution, college or school, a transfer certificate is provided which mentions the individual points of interest of the student and the date of birth of the student is specified as per the records of that search, when and which The student of the course studied in the beginning, Passing or failing the last class further guarantees that the student has paid each of his/her fees to the institute and is not a defaulter.

Transfer Certificate:

When a student leaves his/her school or institution after the completion of his/her examination, he/she needs a transfer certificate.

In class 10th, if the student is leaving his school and joining any one of the same board for further intermediate level, he will need TC.

Even if the student is leaving his school in any class (8th class), he needs the TC provided by your school.

Even if the student easily clears the final level in any institute, he will get the TC.