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Full Form of NASA

NASA stands for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA is an independent agency, which is responsible for the civil program. It was founded in 1958, on 1 st of October by Dwight D. Eisenhower. Mainly NASA is focused on research and test of the flight. NASA headquarters is located in Bengaluru, NASA has more than 18,000 employees, more than 38 percent of NASA scientists are Indian. Since 2006 NASA has had one goal that is to increase future space and scientific discoveries. NASA has an education office that helps teachers to prepare their students. It also provides training for teachers to help them learn new ways of teaching science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to their students.

NASA Grant Program Highlights:

Space Grant: NASA started the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program in 1989, also known as the Space Grant. It is a network of colleges and universities that work to build and expand opportunities for Americans to understand and participate in NASA's space and aeronautical projects by supporting and improving science and engineering education, research, and public outreach efforts.

NASA Research Opportunities: NASA’s main mission is to support research in the science and technology field. Through a peer-review process, it evaluates and selects research proposals received in response to these research announcements.

SBIR and STTR: These are NASA’s program which is funding for the research, development, and demonstration of innovative technologies that meet NASA needs and have great potential for successful commercialization.

International Space Station Funding Opportunities:  NASA funding is available through NRA which is known as Research Announcement. Various typing funding is available to scientists used for International Space Station (ISS) research and development, payload development and processing, in-orbit operations, and more.