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NPP Full Form


The NPP Full Form is the National People’s Party. It is considered to be a national-level
political part in India, even though it mostly concentrates towards the Meghalaya state. P.
A. Sangma was the founder of this party, later his expulsion from the NCP in the month of
July, 2012.
The party got its full name on 7 th June 2019. If you want to What this party stands for, then it
is considered to be the first ever political party from the Northeastern state of India to have
attained this status.

A bit of history:
Before you learn thmeaning of NPP, it is mandatory to check out on the bit of a
background in here.

  • In January 2013, Sangma launched this party on its national level.
  • He announced this party to remain in alliance with the National Democratic Alliance.
  • He further reiterated that even though the membership was open to all, and
    considered it to be a tribal-centric party.
  •  Sangma further becomes the none-time member of the parliament and announced
    to form this party right after his expulsion in July 2012.

Learning the Full form of this party and its meaning in English will help you to know more
about NPP Full Form and about the party in general.

The election symbol:
Much like learning about the NPP Full Form, it is mandatory to focus on the election symbol,
which is a book. The main significance of posting this symbol is to state that only education
and literacy can help in empowering the weaker sections, considering the people of
Northeast India.

Elections to follow:
The party first won a seat in Lok Sabha in 2014. After the death of Sangma, his son later won
by-election, which was held in May 2016. The party proposed to contest election and later
expanded its base in Tribal Constitutions. Later, in March 2018, the party ended up winning
19 out of 60 assembly seats and formed the government in Meghalaya in coalition with BJP
and some other parties. The party President was sworn as the Chief Minister of the state.