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OMG Full Form

The Object Management Group (OMG) is a computer industry standards consortium. OMG task forces develop enterprise integration standards for a range of technologies.

History of OMG

OMG was founded in 1989 by eleven companies (including
Hawlett-Packard, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Apple Computer, American Airlines,
iGrafx, and Data General), OMG’s initial focus was to create a heterogeneous
distributed object standard. The founded executive team included Christopher
Stone and John Slitz. Current leadership includes chairman and CEO Richard Soley,
President and COO Bill Hoffman, and Vice President and Technical Director Jason
McC Smith.

OMG Mission

To generate technology standards (250+) that provides quantifiable real-world value to all vertical industries.

OMG Member Benefits

Membership in Object Management Group carriers
many benefits. The OMG staff works energetically to create programs to provide
our members with maximum value for their membership dollars. Listed below the
technical as well as business and marketing benefits-

  • You will have direct access to industry-leading experts as they work within OMG.
  • All the OMG specifications and our entire domain specifications are adopted at our technical meetings held four times each year at various locations worldwide.
  • Access all documents and E-mail. Online access to information such as the e-mail lists to which you are currently subscribed, technical activities of your company and other important information.
  • Gain industry-wide recognition.
  • Publish your work Cross-participation program.

Business and Marketing Benefits

  • Develop Business partnerships
  • Use OMG’s marks
  • Receive discounts on conference attendance
  • Secure public speaking opportunities
  • Demonstrate your company’s OMG-based technology
  • Publicize your OMG design wins
  • Promote your commitment to OMG technology
  • Access the OMG Presentation Library

Why Join OMG 
Standards are most successful when they are invisible. Doorways have standard
sizes; power outlets have standard shapes and voltage and your external
keyboard and computer mouse connect via a standard USB plug. But you never
have to think about a standard making those things possible. OMG drives
standard related to software and system modelling and software middleware and
helps define the semantics of markets, also known as