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NTR Full Form

NTR Full Form


NTR (National Track Renewal)

Full form of NTR is ‘National Track Renewal”.
What is a track renewal on Renewal- The 800m track renewal system replaces
existing rails and sleepers with high-performing new ones. When we talk about
railway tracks, we mean the whole structure that rails run on, including Rails-
these are the lengths of steel that are welded together. Sleepers: these are
supports for the rails.
The necessity of Track Renewal- Due to the continuous running of trains, there is
wear and tear in track components like rails, sleepers, and fittings, also with the
increase in traffic density and higher speeds, the old track becomes due for
renewals. Track renewals are planned work.

Classifications of Track Renewal Works-

  •  Complete Track Renewal- It implies renewal of all the components of track over a particular length.
  •  Through Rail Renewal- It implies the renewal of complete rails over a length of track.
  •  Through Sleeper renewal- It implies the renewal of entire lot of sleeper over a particular of stretch. It is necessary to recoupment of blast and the provision of full blast cushion is also done along with TSR.
  •  Through-cum casual renewals- It implies the through renewals of a certain length of track and carrying out casual renewals in the remaining length.
  •  Casual Renewals- It implies the renewal of some of unserviceable rail or sleepers or fittings or all with generally released serviceable and of similar type.

Type of Track Renewal-
1. Primary Renewals- It implies to the renewals of old track with a new P way
material. It may be sleeper, rail or fitting renewals.
2. Secondary Renewals- In this released serviceable P way materials are used
for rail, sleeper or fitting renewals.

Note- Regular track maintenance will prolong the life of an old track and rolling
stock, reduce fuel consumption and avoid costly delays, disruptions and closures.