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AECC Full Form

AECC (Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses)

Full Form of AECC- Full form of AECC is “Ability Management Compulsory
Purpose of this Course- The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the
theory, fundamentals, and tools of communication skills which should be integral
to personal, social, and professional interactions.
Courses Under AECC- There are two compulsory courses offered under AECC,
which are: Environmental Science. English/MIL (Modern English Language)
Skills Acquired After AECC
 Communication
 Writing
 Interpersonal
 Problem-solving
 Analytical
 Critical thinking
 Personality development
 Leadership etc
Important Points Related to AECC-
Here are some important points for AECC-:
 The course is mandated by the UGC.
 It promotes a deeper understanding of the discipline and social values.
 AECC is an effective learning course for personal and professional
 AECC is offered for only two semesters.
Course Objectives- The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the
theory, fundamentals and tools of communication and to develop in them vital
communication skills. Which should be integral to personal, social and
professional interactions. One of the critical links among human beings and an
important thread that binds society together is the ability to share thoughts,

emotions and ideas through various means of communication: both verbal and
non-verbal. In the context of rapid globalization and increasing recognition of
social and cultural pluralities, the significance of clear and effective
communication has substantially enhanced. The present course hopes to address
some of these aspects through an interactive learning mode of teaching-learning
process and by focusing on various dimensions of communication skills. Some of
these are: Language of Communication, various speaking skills such as personal
communication, social interactions and communication in professional situations
such as interviews, group discussions and office environments, important reading
skills as well as writing skills such as report writing, note-taking etc. while, to an
extent, the art of communication is natural to all living beings, in today’s world of
complexities, it has also acquired some elements of science.