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These are the links for the players and referees unions for the major professional sports leagues in North America. They represent the players and referees in the collective bargaining negotions, grievance hearing and other labor-related issues. Being an athlete does not necessarily mean that you have to be a track runner. Athletes comprise many disciplines, including swimming, javelin throwing, cycling, football, or even a combination of events. Therefore, if you ever think about
joining athletics, or just want to get fit, there is an overwhelming variety to pick from based on your goals, preference, and potential physical abilities.

Benefits of Interscholastic Athletic Programs

Today’s High School system experience pressure from all sides. Curriculum changes, technological advances, personnel shifts and funding uncertainties obstruct the educational landscape and can obscure the fundamental needs of our country’s youth that our educational system was built to meet. However, while classroom time is vital to our student’s success, we must remember that the experience of the classroom setting alone does not develop the well-rounded character and fortitude necessary for an individual to succeed in this changing world. Extracurricular activities that provide environments that beyond the classroom in which our students can grow and develop are vital to their success, and no extracurricular opportunity available to our students today can match the proven benefits that involvement in interscholastic athletics provides.

Athletics Provides Better Quality of life

Athletics not only prepare students for classroom success through their high school and college careers but help them develop the skills they will need to succeed in all areas of life. Though the possible detriments of high school athletics have been brought to light in recent discussions across the country because of heightening pressure and shifts in priorities away from personal development and academic preparation and towards skills development and college recruitment opportunities it cannot be argued that high school athletics provide students with unparalleled opportunities for personal development that can have life-changing impacts on their futures.

Prevention of this vital opportunity will allow students everywhere to continue gaining life skills that remain with them for the rest of their lives.