CEO Full Form

CEO basically stands for Chief Executive Officer. CEO is the most commaly used word in the business Industry. Every person engaged in business must know about this word but most of the people do not know the full name of this word. A CEO is one of the highest position in any organization and is in charge of the overall operation of the entire company. They are responsible for making major decisions for the company and are also representative of the company in the eyes of the media and the public. CEO is the biggest officer of any company. In other way,  CEO can also be called the owner of that present company. The CEO of any organization or company manages and takes it responsibility completely. The CEO of any organization or company is its biggest officer, so he is also chosen carefully. The CEO of a company is elected by the companies’ board directors. The board of directors of any company supervises all the employees working in that company. Company employees who find them to be the fastest and hardest, and in whose hands they perceive the future security of the company, are assigned the position of CEO of the company.


CEOs spend most of their time behind the scenes, especially in meeting rooms, cubicles, and offices of their companies. They usually have vision and strategy and take the driver's seat in officers. The CEO is the in charge of planning and he have to implement long-term goals for the company. They are also the in charge of making any important decisions by them for the company growth and they have to overseeing the duties of other C-level executives. They work on developing and accelerating the company's vision and long-term goals. They have to also involved them selve  in developing company policy and implementing the company's strategic goals. Since the owner has no specific role, his responsibilities are also not defined. But, since it is their company, they oversee and oversee many aspects of the business. This can include anything from production to HR or business development to marketing. As the company grows, they can also combine their role with CEO, COO, MD, Vice President etc.

Eligibility Criteria

CEO of any company does not required the educational credential. CEO is that the leading position in a company or organization is elected by the board of directors of the company.

There is no selected educational qualification to become a CEO of a corporation. This is often the topmost position and is appointed by an organization's board of directors; But it is seen that most of the CEOs have MDA or technical degree.

Functional role

The role of the CEO is also very limited to the strategic management of the company. They usually delegate various aspects of management to the heads of various departments or C-level officers like COO for operations, CFO for finance, CTO for technology, CMO for marketing, etc. With no specific functional role, it is something that is up to individual companies and owners. The owner of the company can delegate as the company grows, but they can still control some of the different functions of the business. For example, they cannot completely relinquish their control over the company's finances. But a CEO has no control over the finances or marketing of his company. Instead, they work with the CFO or CMO to ensure that those aspects of the company continue to flourish.

Training :

Some companies require the training of a CEO before being appointed as a chief executive officer. Training may be linked to executive development, leadership and ongoing professional skills and development.

relevant experience

They are expected to bring with them sufficient relevant experience. The Board of Directors generally prefers those CEOs who are progressive gave sustainable performance and can handel responsibility.