CSS Introduction

CSS Introduction

CSS Introduction 
Now we will understand what is css so - 
  • CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet.
  • CSS is a style language. 
  • It is used to provide a look and feel to HTML documents. CSS provides advanced margin, Background,padding, animation, and many more.
  • CSS is a structure format language whereas HTML is a structure creation language.
  • CSS is a case insensitive language.
  • Hece it is not case sensitive language like Java etc.
Now why we need CSS - 
We need css for decoration we will understand it like this - 
If HTML is the skeleton of a web page then css makes flesh and body which looks good.
In other words CSS is used for decoration purposes.
If we do not use CSS then our web page will look not aligned, only plain text
CSS saves a whole lot of effort and gives us a better looking web page.
Now we will see an Example which shows us how  a web page will look without CSS and with CSS
Example  -
Here we will see what a html form will look like without CSS and then will CSS. 
Without CSS - 
With CSS - 

So that is how CSS can make a difference as shown in the above example.