iq full form

The full form of IQ is Intelligence Quotient. IQ is an overall score obtained from a series of standardized measures or subtests designed to measure individual intelligence. Psychologist William Stern invented the acronym “IQ” for the German word Intelligenzquotient, the word he proposed in a book published in 1912 for a rating system for IQ tests at the University of Breslau. IQs can vary from scenario to scenario. Many techniques test a person’s IQ. A number derived from an IQ test represents the relative intelligence of an individual. You can measure a person’s IQ from one of the many standardized test designs for accessing human information. The standardizing IQ sample can be defined as IQ 100. The deviation up and down is fixed at 15 IQ points. Two-thirds of the population results between IQ 85 and IQ 115 as per one survey. With 125 scores just 5 per cent of people.