Setting up a desktop computer

Setting up a desktop computer

People believe Even though setting up a desktop computer is extremely difficult, it's simpler than you might think. The first things you need to buy are a new CPU case, monitor, keyboard and mouse. Then decide where to place the desktop computer, perhaps on a desk, and connect the VGA cable, the keyboard, the mouse, and the speakers. All power cables should be connected to ac power once everything has been connected to the CPU case. When your desktop computer starts after you push the power button and you see the desktop screen, you can start using it. You can easily increase and change any part of a desktop computer if you want to. It does not matter what desktop computer model you have; most desktop computers are set up similarly. Each desktop PC can be configured in a few simple steps.


Follow these steps for setting up a desktop computer.

Step1: - You must first buy a computer case, a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse

Step2: - discover the best location for setting up a desktop pc.

Step 3: - All cables, including the VGA cable, power cable, keyboard, and mouse, should be connected to the CPU casing.

Step 4: - All power cables should be connected to ac power after you have finished connecting everything to the CPU case.

Step 5: - Push the power button to turn it on, once your desktop computer has started and you can see the desktop.  At that point, your computer is ready for use.