Computer's file System

Computer's file System

Making a file folder on a computer is quite easy. It makes no difference what operating system you use; Linux-based computers, macOS, and Microsoft Windows all support a variety of file systems. You can use a file system to store any kind of documents, programs, videos, music, and photographs. You can also give your folder a special name. When you right-click a folder, a variety of options are displayed, including options to open the folder in a new window, send the folder to another location, and cut, copy, and remove files. You can also access the properties option from this menu. You only need to click on properties to get all of your folder's information. If you don't use a file, it could be difficult for you to locate your data.


How to create a file folder on computer

Let's see the process of making a folder on a computer.

1st Type: -

Using the mouse, you can create file folders on the desktop by pressing the right mouse button, which will display options such as view, short by, refresh, new, and other options. After selecting new, you'll see more options, including a folder option; click the left mouse button on the folder option to create the folder.

2nd Type: -

You must select a drive and then access it in order to create a file folder using the folder option. The new folder option with a folder icon is located here. You can create a folder by pressing the folder icon, which is located at the top of the screen.

3rd Type: -


To create a file folder using shortcut keys, simply select the location where you want to store the folder and press CRTL+SHIFT+N.