Bluetooth card

Bluetooth card

A Bluetooth device is a without-cable electronic device that allows wireless devices. The Bluetooth adapter/Device for wireless communication over a short distance. It’s always used in computers to communicate with wireless keyboards, mice, and printers. In laptop already comes inbuilt Bluetooth chip. With the help of Bluetooth, you can easily share your data and receive data quickly. The Bluetooth device takes low power.


Bluetooth can Accept by these applications

  • Bluetooth allows Speakers
  • Bluetooth allows Headphones
  • Bluetooth allows Headsets 
  • Bluetooth allows a Wireless mouse and wireless Keyboard


Advantages & Disadvantages of Bluetooth


  • The Bluetooth device is used for data transfer & Data Receiving
  • Bluetooth devices are available at a very cheap cost
  • Bluetooth Takes lower power consumption
  • Bluetooth is free to use if the device is installed with Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth is easy to upgradeable


  • Bluetooth allows only short-range communication between
  • Bluetooth can be a loose connection in certain conditions
  • Bluetooth security is not much good, it can be hacked
  • Bluetooth has low bandwidth as compared to WI-FI
  • Bluetooth is slower as compared to other wireless Technology like Wi-Fi


1. Piconet

2. Scatternet


 Piconet: -


Piconet is a Bluetooth network that consists of 1 master and 7 active slaves mean A piconet allows one master device to interconnect with up to seven slave devices. If the connection from masters gets disconnected, the whole piconet gets disconnected. Data transmission can only occur between master and slave and not between slave & slave. 


Scatternet: -


A scatternet is formed by the combination of the piconet. A scatternet is a type of network that connects one or more Bluetooth devices. A slave in one piconet can act as a master or primary in another piconet Such a station or node can receive a message from the master in the first piconet and deliver the message to its slave in another piconet when it is acting as master. This node is also called a bridge slave.