A server is the main computer of any network that fulfills the requests of other computers. A server computer always connects with a high internet connection. The server computer can restore your data, suppose that in your computer you lose your data but you already save your data in the server computer so you can easily restore your data means a server computer can give you backup. A server computer also secures your data no one can steal your data. A server computer also gives you the storage you can easily save your data on a server computer. Computer or software systems act as a server that connects to a network. A server can be any type of device that shares and saves information.


Types of the server computer


File Server: -

 A file server can store your files such as text, images, sound, and videos. Whenever you want your file you can quickly get it by the file server. FTP ( File Transfer Protocol ) can help you to get your files.

Application Server:-

Suppose that you download an application like Chrome, Firefox and  UC browser and install it on your computer when you start your application so firstly it runs on the application server then you can use that application.

Mail Server:-

 A mail server can help you to send an email or receive an email. When you type a mail to send a user so firstly mail will go to the mail server then the mail server sends it to the user and a mail received by SMPT.

Web Server:-

suppose that you search any website on google, you are looking at so many websites it comes by the web server. HTTPS helps you to show websites on the monitor screen.

Database Server:-

The database server holds the database management system. The main purpose of a database server can access data using query language like SQL.

DNS Server:-

A domain name server is also called the main server of the internet. When we type any domain on the search bar DNS server converts to the IP address because the DNS server can connect to the web server.  

Print server: -

A print server is a software application network device or computer that manages print requests. A type of server that manages printing jobs is called a print server.

Proxy server:-

Proxy servers act as a bridge between a host server and a client-server. All requests to the internet go to the proxy server first, which evaluates the request and forwards it to the internet. Likewise, responses come back to the proxy server and then to the user.