Getting Started with Your First Computer

Getting Started with Your First Computer

Although a computer can be used for many different things, utilizing one for the first time might be complicated. When utilizing a computer for the first time, you must first push the power button. Once lit, your computer will switch on after a short time. When you see the home screen with icons, the taskbar, the search bar, and other programs, your computer is fully operational. A keyboard and mouse plug are also required.


How to turn on a desktop computer   

One press of the power button will turn on your computer. Your computer must first be turned on in order to be used. The power button is located in a different location on each CPU casing. Your computer is ready for use when you can see the desktop.

How to turn on a laptop computer

When you press the power button on your laptop, it turns on and the power button illuminates to indicate that the laptop is on. Your laptop is ready to use when you can see the home screen.

How to use a keyboard and mouse

Keyboard: -You can type any letter, number, or special symbol with the keyboard.

Mouse: - The mouse functions as a pointer and can be used to click different kinds of icons.

How to Use a computer

Your desktop serves as the main screen, where you can run any installed program. Icons are used to symbolize various files, programs, and commands; by double-clicking any icon with the mouse, a program will launch.