Desktop applications

Desktop applications

The desktop application is developed to run windows operating system, mac operating system and Linux operating system. A desktop application is a software program that can be run on a computer to perform various types of tasks by a user. Desktop Applications allows you to do professional tasks such as editing high-quality videos, editing beautiful images, securing your computer, accessing the internet and another specific task. If you want to download and install different desktop applications so you can easily download them from the Microsoft store or the internet or installed them with some types of media such as CD or UBS. Desktop applications can work without an internet connection. Some desktop applications can secure your desktop computer and laptop from the virus-like Quick heal antivirus application, Avast antivirus application and other antivirus applications. Most operating system already gives you some pre-installed applications like internet explorer and a windows media player. The desktop application can be developed in different languages like C/C++, Java, JavaScript, python, ruby etc.



Examples of desktop applications: -

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint, outlook etc.
  • Firefox
  • chrome
  • internet explorer
  • Skype
  • Fillmore
  • VLC
  • Adobe reader
  • VS code
  • Kine Master
  • Quick heal

Features of desktop applications 

  • You can do any high level-work and low-level work
  • Applications do not require an internet connection
  • We can easily install it on your desktop computer
  • We can easily update desktop application
  • Applications do not require high processing power from the user’s device
  • Some applications can Secure your desktop computer from the virus
  • Desktop applications Support special Input/Output Devices.