Power supply unit

Power supply unit

The power supply unit is the hardware component of a computer that provides electricity to the computer and other devices. A power supply unit also known as a switching mode power supply and power supply unit is usually used in a computer to change the voltage to the appropriate range for the computer A power supply unit converts the main AC to low-voltage regulated DC power for the internal components of a computer. You can see the power supply unit inside the computer. Inside the power supply unit, you can see a fan, component, and some cables.






24 Pin Main ATX: -



24 Pin Main ATX, is the main cable of SMPS because this cable provides power to the whole components. 




SATA Cable is used to give power to the hard drive, SSD and DVD writer.


4 Pin Molex Cable: -


4 pin Molex cable, is used to connect 1 or more Extra fans on the computer.



PCI – 6 Pin/ PCI-8 Pin: -






PCI – 6 Pin/ PCI-8 Pin is used to give power to the graphic card.


1*8 Pin: - 


1*8 Pin cable provides power to the CPU/Processor.  


Advantages & Disadvantages of SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply)


Advantages: -


  • SMSP are comes in lower weight
  • SMPS provides the required voltage
  • SMPS generates low heat
  • SMPS comes in very small size
  • SMPS is a flexible technology


Disadvantages: - 


  • SMPS generates high-frequency electrical noise
  • SMPS looks like a box, it required expert design
  • SMPS is more complex
  • SMPS has only one output voltage
  • SMPS also causes harmonic distortion