Laptop computers

Laptop computers

A laptop computer is a personal computer it has the functionality of a desktop computer. A laptop computer is a small computer people can easily carry in a backpack and it is easily portable means if you want to move your laptop computer so you can easily move your laptop computer. The laptop computer runs by AC current. The laptop’s battery can store some current for use for 4 to 5 hours and this small laptop computer already includes a mouse, keyboard, and speakers; However, an external keyboard and mouse can also be used.      





Touchpad: -


The touchpad is sometimes also called a trackpad and is a pointing device. You can control your laptop screen pointer by your figure using a touchpad.


laptop Battery: -


A battery is a hardware component of a laptop. The laptop's battery allows you to use the laptop when it is not plugged in. When you give power to your laptop the battery will recharge. The laptop's battery provides 4 to 5 hours of backup. 


AC adapter/laptop charger: -


The AC adapter people also called a laptop charger. It is an external device of a laptop. The laptop's charger provides power to your laptop to recharge your battery. 


Ports: -


You can see some ports in the laptop such as audio ports, USB ports, WLAN ports, charging ports, and other ports in the laptop. ports are used for connecting external devices such as keyboards, mice, Pen drives, headphones, earphones, etc.