Hardware vs. software

Hardware vs. software

Hardware and Software are both very important to each other. Without hardware, we can’t able to use any type of software, OS, and only software never works without hardware.


The inside part of a computer is called hardware like Processor, Ram, Motherboard, Hard Disk, Graphic Card, Sound card, etc.


 We can’t touch any types of software and application but we can use and we can see on a computer screen like Microsoft office, chrome, or VLC is called software.





Hardware is divided into four main categories 1. input devices 2. Output devices 3. Secondary Storage Devices 4. internal parts

Software is divided into two main categories 1. Application Software 2. System Software

 Hardware Developed using electronic and other materials 

 Software Developed using a Programming language 

 When Hardware is damaged, it can be replaced with a new component  

 When Software is damaged, it can be installed using a backup copy 

 Hardware is physical in nature and anyone can touch and see Hardware   

 The Software cannot be physically touched but still can be used and seen 

 Examples of Hardware Monitor, CPU, Motherboard, Hard Drive, RAM, Graphic card, etc. 

 Examples of Software are Chrome, Microsoft Office, Firefox, Photoshop, etc.