An e-reader electronic device that is designed for reading E-books, Newspapers and documents. E-book readers, also called e-readers, are similar to tablet computers. A small electronic device with a screen that allows you to read the book in an electronic form. An e-reader device is a handheld device you can easily carry in your backpack. Mobile devices that can display text, such as smartphones and PDAs, can also function as an E-reader. These devices all support a wide range of E-book formats and can download content over a wireless network. Each E-reader can hold up to Thousands of books. E-readers are designed to operate over long hours by taking minimal power. Best E-reader examples are the Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, and Kobo Reader. Traditionally, eBook readers have been equipped with two kinds of screens: LCDs and E-Ink.



The popular E-reader is the amazon kindle E-reader and Sony E-reader.

Kindle E-reader: -

Amazona's kindler is the most popular e-reader. Kindle e-reader is a portable, wireless e-reader that allows you to download and read e-books, magazines, newspapers and other digital media.

Sony E-reader: -

The Sony e-reader is also the most popular.  Sony e-reader comes with A touch screen and virtual keyboard. We can also see inbuilt light for reading in low light conditions. This e-reader has 512 MB of memory

Features of an e-reader

  • An e-reader can store at least thousands of books 
  • The E-reader’s screen allows you to read books in the sunlight without glare.
  • You can easily adjust the text size
  • E-reader’s battery backup for at least a month if the Wi-Fi is turned off.
  • E-readers never produced heat 
  • E-reader’s screens can be rotated for better viewing
  • E-readers also able to read newspapers, magazines and web pages
  • built-in Wi-Fi or in some cased 4G/5G connection.