Installing new applications

Installing new applications

Most desktop computer, laptop computer or mobile devices comes with some pre-installed applications such as web browser, media player and other applications even if you want to install another application you can also download it. Installing new software is usually a simple process. Double-click on the application icon and then click “I agree” then simply click the next 2 to 4 times some applications required keys or your details so simply fill details then you can see that application installed on your desktop however you can also find that application on the windows search bar. If you want to update an installed application so can also update that application from the internet. Most of the applications are firstly required to install on your desktop computer then you can use that application for example you purchase or download Microsoft office so firstly you need to install Microsoft office including Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, and PowerPoint then you can use.  All applications are developed by coding.


How to install Desktop computer applications 

Every desktop computer or laptop computer comes with some pre-installed applications such as a web browser, windows media player and other applications, however, you can also download and install another application from the Microsoft store.

Steps for downloading and installing the new Desktop computer application:-

  • Open Microsoft store
  • Search any application on the search bar
  • Choose your application and click to get an icon
  • Now your application is downloaded and it’s automatically installed on your desktop  
  • Now you can use that application  


How to install Mobile applications 

Every mobile device comes with a few pre-installed applications such as web browsers and video players and other applications, but if you want to download and install other applications so you can download them from the google play store and apple app store.

Steps for downloading and installing the new mobile application:-

  • Open the google play store or apple app store
  • Search any application on the search bar
  • Select any application and click on get icon
  • Now your application starts downloading and installing automatically
  • Now your application is downloaded you can use


Some more examples of installing new applications from other drives


Steps for installing a new application from a USB drive:-

  • Open windows explorer or my computer and find the USB drive
  • Open the USB drive then find your application
  • Double-click the application’s icon to start the setup process
  • Click 2 to 3 times on the next button and fill in your details
  • Now your application is installed, now you can use


Steps for installing a new application from the CD OR DVD:-

  • Open my computer or file explorer
  • Click to open the CD or DVD drive
  • Find your application setup then double-click on the setup icon
  • Give permission to start installing the application and also fill in your details or key
  • Your application is installed on your desktop, now you can use


How to uninstall a desktop computer program

If you don’t want to use any application so you can easily uninstall that application


Steps for uninstalling a desktop computer application: -

  • Open control panel
  • Select uninstall a program using the mouse 
  • Select that application which application you want to uninstall 
  • Click on Uninstall button then permit to uninstall the program 
  • Now your application is removed from your desktop