Desktop computers

Desktop computers

A desktop computer is a personal computer, it is made for only one place people can use a desktop computer in a single location. If we want to carry our personal desktop computer so can't carry our personal computer. If we want to increase our space and ram so we can easily increase in a desktop computer and we can also customize a desktop computer what you want in your personal computer. A desktop computer runs by direct power. 






We want some basic things for using a desktop computer like Computer Case, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, and ups. These types of things we want for desktop computers.





We want a computer case, it is the main part of a computer, including the motherboard, processor, ram, hard drive, video card, sound card, and power supply. The computer case allows connecting all types of input and output devices. 





A monitor is an electronic output device, it is used for displaying information, application, text, videos, and images on the computer monitor screen.






 The keyboard is an input device used for typing alphabetical words and numeric words on a desktop computer screen, we can give any command to the desktop computer and laptop by the keyboard.






The mouse is an input device of the computer. It is used to click the various types of icons, files and applications present on the computer monitor screen.


UPS: -



We want ups for desktop computers because ups are a very useful device for computer ups can store some electricity when your electricity has gone so ups give some energy for keep running at least 20 to 30 min. UPS provides power to computers for a short time.